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The consulting company for the digital age: Done.

  • Digital.

    We are natives, we are experts.

    We live and breathe in the internet,
    on our smartphones, in social media.
    We are the digital transformers.
    Most important, we actually know IT,
    so we have the expertise to evaluate new technologies thoroughly.
    With our deep understanding of everything digital
    we can help you to identify new opportunities for your business.

  • Management.

    We know business, we know management.

    When we work with highly digital start-ups, we often see that they excel in everything tech but sometimes struggle with standard management processes.
    Be it in administration, HR or finance.
    If this sounds familiar: With a strong background in business consulting and a passion for start-ups, we'd love to help you out!

  • Consulting.

    We work for you, we work with you

    Combined, we have decades of consulting experience in our team. We worked with huge MNCs as well as local NGOs. We set up the backoffice for a growing start-up and develop a new cloud-based platform for an international corporation.
    As different our projects are, consulting is always peoples business. We take that very serious.
    Because we think people are great.


We serve two kinds of clients, with diametrical needs:
We help professional businesses to become more digital.
We help digital start-ups to become more professional.

Digital Transformation

We consult companies and corporations regarding the changes to strategy, business and processes through digital technologies.

Our areas of expertise:
.Digitalization of business models / processes
.Social Collaboration
.Innovation & Design Thinking
.Digital Communications

Translation Digital < > Business

We help businesses / managers to fully understand technological topics. And we help start-ups to communicate with the corporate world.

Our areas of expertise:
.Digitalization of business models / processes
.Social Collaboration
.Innovation & Design Thinking
.Digital Communications

Business Professionalization

We consult small and growing companies and NGOs on how to manage their organizations efficient, effective and yes, sustainable.

Our areas of expertise:
.Organizational set-up
.Process development and implementation
.Communication (internal / external)


Dr. Laura Sophie Dornheim

Digital & Management Strategist


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